More Stuff White Midwesterners Like: Mules.

You don't see them so much anymore, but back in the day every farm had a mule or three. However, our love of mule has endured here in the midwest. It's the official state animal in Missouri, the mascot for Central Missouri State University (or whatever in the hell they're callin' it these days) and the high school mascot in towns from Fairfield, Illinois to Bedford, Michigan to Poplar Bluff. Nowadays the Amtrak line from St. Louis to Kansas City is called the "Mule." And if you've never swallowed a Moscow Mule you're missing something. (Get your mind outta the gutter.) Just add vodka, lime juice and ginger Beer and serve it cold in a pewter mug. It's gooder'n hell, I'm telling ya.

White Midwesterner of the Week: That hot guy on Mad Men.

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Oh sure, you thought that Don Draper guy on the teevee was a native of New York? Heck no that boy is from St. Louis, Missouri. He went to some fancy-pants high school in Ladue (where the money is) and even got an acting scholarship to go to Mizzou. (Brad Pitt went there too without an acting scholarship, but he seems to do OK.) But you know he's a White Midwesterner on account of the way he wears pleated khakis on the show, and I bet you a donut he's got a few pieces of Budweiser memorabilia at his house. You can take the boy outta St. Louis, but you can't take the St. Louis outta the boy.

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November 13, 2008

Newly Discovered Things White Midwesterners Like: Barn Stars

star barn
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I've had so much fun doing press for I Love Ranch Dressing but the most fun is when people ask me "Why didn't you include...?" So here are a few new Things White Midwesterners Like, brought to my attention by radio hosts and listeners around the country:

Stars on Houses: I hadn't noticed this until it was pointed out to me by a Michigan morning show, but damned if it isn't true. These were apparently a big deal in Amish communities and German immigrant farming communities (from whence my ancestors came) and are make a big comeback now. There isn't much significance to them (other than, "Hey, I like stars!") but they do scream, "White Midwesterners Live Here."


janelle said...

those stars just aren't on houses! they now decorate many houses in my town, its so frightening. i cant stand those stars!

Elisa (Jackie R) said...
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Anonymous said...

they aren't barn stars, they are barn quilts. And my aunt and cousins from Wisconsin think that the stars on houses is an iowa thing. They jokingly call it a cult.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a big difference between a barn quilt, a barn star and a barn star on a house. Don't do the latter unless you are asked by the right people. Bad things happen to those who just go out and buy a star to put on their house. They will come to your house after dark and talk to you. It is an Iowa thing.

Glenda Cartwright said...

He how come you put a quiz up to answer the questions and you can't answer them? And the star on the barn
we got something even better in Huron Township, An UGLY blue color house with a Whale on it. I will try and get a picture of it and put it up here.